Monday, July 13, 2009

Are you ready to become a non smoker?

Here are some reasons that may pose a challenge in letting go of the smoking habit.
If you find it difficult to stop smoking, check with yourself if one of the following factors may be present in your life.
1. Work Stress that has become overwhelming. Some people don't smoke at home, they only smoke at work.
2. Too much stress at home. Family problems with spouse, children.
3. Loss of a job. Such an event causes grief , sadness and anger that trigger smoking.
4. Financial problems. Having enough money to pay the mortgage , household and credit card bills can become a trigger for smoking.
3. Drinking at a club, bar, or social gathering.
Alcohol can trigger the craving for nicotine.
4. Boredom. Do you spend a lot of time with nothing constructive or creative to do?
5. Loneliness. Cigarettes are often seen as a companion, a loyal close friend who is always available to you.
6. Timing. Other people may want you to quit , including your family members or your primary physician.
It may be a matter of days, weeks or months until you are ready to throw your last pack away.
Hypnosis can help you discover new ways to manage stress and alleviate fears, loneliness, boredom, grief , anxiety, frustration and worry.You will gain clarity and increase your motivation and desire to succeed in your goal to become a Non smoker for life.

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